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Alaska Fishing Seasons

Alaska Salmon, Trout & Halibut Fishing May through September (Subject to variation by area and by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game)

May 10th - Sept 30Alaskan Halibut
May 10th - July 20King Salmon - Cook Inlet Saltwater
May 10th- July 31King Salmon - Kenai and Kasilof Rivers
June 10th - August 10Sockeye Salmon
June 15th - Oct 31Rainbow Trout
August 1st - Oct 31Silver Salmon
August on even yearsPink Salmon

Fishing Regulation Changes

Fishing schedule may be subject to change. Possible reasons for changes… weather, regulation changes, fish count numbers, etc. We will do our best to keep each of our clients notified of any changes

Pacific Halibut and King Salmon Fishing

Our season begins at the end of May. We have a combination of Alaska Halibut and Alaska King Salmon charters available out in Cook Inlet - off the Alaska Kenai Peninsula from Homer, as well as Deep Creek and Anchor Point. Alaska King saltwater fishing continues through the middle of June, while the Halibut season extends through the end of September. Our Halibut averages about 20-30 lbs., with some over 50 lbs. and occasionally you will land a monster Alaskan Halibut weighing in at 300 lbs. or more.

Kenai & Kasilof River King Salmon

The King Salmon fishing on the Alaska Kenai Peninsula is from late May through the end of July, where it is not uncommon to land yourself a King 35-50 lbs. or more. Our professional Alaska fishing guides use power boats to assure you of a very peaceful and highly productive trip down the beautiful glacial Kenai River or other local Alaska Kenai Peninsula rivers. We also have drift boat fishing for Kings available on the Kasilof River during this time. The average fish caught is 15-25 lbs.

Sockeye & Silver Salmon Fishing

Kings are not the only fish in the local rivers of the Alaska Kenai Peninsula. The Sockeye Salmon runs can be in full swing from June through August. The limit on the fish is usually 3 fish per day. When the Sockeye enter the river in good numbers, the action gets hot and Silver runs start in August and lasts through the end of September. These fish make awesome runs and are great leapers. Fly-out fishing for all species of salmon and trout are available.

Rainbow Trout & Dolly Varden

We begin fishing for huge Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden on June 15th. Most Rainbows and Dollies average 3 lbs. with fish ranging from 8 to12 lbs. We use spin gear, light weight fishing rods and fly-fishing gear. Trips are available on the Upper Kenai River, while fishing in the comfort of a drift boat. We also fish many of Alaska Kenai Peninsula's lakes and streams.