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10 Kenai River Silver Salmon Fishing Tips

Date: August 27, 2012

As the number of silver salmon entering the Kenai increases over the coming weeks, fishermen may employ several methods for catching a daily limit. That limit goes from 2 to 3 silvers daily on 9/1. One of the most popular approaches uses bait and a jet planer.

Anchor up in 2-5 feet of water near shore. Attach an anchor buoy on your rope.
Use a high quality 3/0 to 5/0 hook with an egg loop for your eggs. Slide a “corkie” on the leader to provide just a bit of buoyancy for the bait.
To your 30 lb. test main line, slide on a bead, then the slide for your planer, and then another bead. Now tie in a heavy swivel to act as a stop for the planer.
Attach the 3-4 foot leader to the swivel and all you need now is bait.
Let out your baited line between 25 and 40 feet behind the boat making sure the planer pulls the bait to the bottom.
6. CHANGE BAIT every 10 to 15 minutes.
7. Using household scissors, cut the egg skien into pieces as small as a grape to as large as a golf ball. Rubber gloves are a must to avoid staining your hands. Insert the eggs into the loop on your hook.
8. Always observe your rod for strikes. If your rod tip bends backward a few times – DO NOT ACT. A silver will usually swallow the bait and then the rod will arch violently toward the rear. Remove the rod, set once and hold on.
9. Fighting your fish at anchor provides a better fight but releasing the anchor rope and drifting with your fish probably enhances your chances of landing it. It is your choice to make.
10. Always be aware of fish being hooked behind your boat. Silvers move upriver in pods so if hookups are occurring downstream, get ready for them to attack your bait. Once you are hooked up, remove all other lines – since controlling your silver will be difficult.