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Alaska Adventure – Exit Glacier Guide Experience

Date: January 1, 2013

​accept the temptation to be ushered into a primeval arctic realm * intimately explore the other worldly crystal blue that mysteriously radiates from ancient rivers, waterfalls, moulins and crevasses * embrace the ethereal sense of solitude of the Alaska alpine wilderness * revere the majesty of immaculate ice fields extending for hundreds and hundreds of miles known to few
We think you’ve arrived at the Alaska Adventure you’ve been looking for!

Recently rated one of the Top 10 Adventure Tours in the World by Trip Advisor – Exit Glacier Guides offers affordable Ice Hiking, Ice Climbing and Helicopter Glacier Exploration of both Exit Glacier and Godwin Glacier! Owners, Ryan Fisher and Brendan Ryan, have been running their ever-popular Ice Hiking and Climbing tours for 7 years now and are currently the only company in town offering guided glacier tours. Below you will find an abbreviated overview of their vast spectrum of phenomenal offerings.

Ice Hiking
Guest from lodge ice hiking in Alaska.
This five hour tour is popular with clients interested in catching up on a back-log of exercise during their vacation. The picturesque path up to the glacier combines the best of back-country and on-trail trekking. Reward yourself with the stunning view you have earned as you arrive atop the 1400 foot elevation gained while traveling over 1.5 miles of trail. Your knowledgeable guides will identify the array of wildlife, native plants and flowers, and also use the landscape’s unique features to explain basic glaciology. This trip usually spends about an hour-and-a-half trekking along the incline, through an alpine valley, down 45º rock scree, and then an hour on the surface of Exit Glacier itself – exploring the best that Exit Glacier’s undulating surface has to offer.

Duration: 5-6 Hours
Minimun Age: 13
Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult – If you enjoy working hard to be somewhere amazing, you’ll love this trip!
Departure Time: Daily at 9 AM and 11 AM
Trip Price: $130 per person (plus tax)
Helicopter Ice Hiking
Guest board helicopter to glacier ice hiking trip.
This 3-hour helicopter fly-in glacier tour transports you right to Godwin Glacier itself. Your guide will then instruct you on how to safely traverse the glacier and then you’re off to explore an ancient frozen river.

Spending approximately 2 hours on the ice with your guide, you will explore the fascinating moulins, crevasses, massive waterfalls and rivers of melted water on top of the glacial ice. Upon your return flight, you may opt for acustomized sight-seeing tour of your choosing. Soar through huge icebergs in a glacial lagoon, fly over one North America’s largest ice fields and/or explore the stark mountainous topography carved from the last ice age surrounding Seward.

Duration: 3 hours
Minimum Age: 8
Difficulty: Easy – Due to the large amount of terrain available, this tour’s difficulty is highly customizable for each group of clients.
Departure Time: They do their best to incorporate this tour into your schedule for the day.
Trip Price: $330 per person (plus tax) with custom flight seeing charges determined by duration. Allow about 3 hours total for this trip with departure and return times somewhat customized depending on the helicopter schedule.
Ice Climbing
Ice climbing on glacier in Alaska.

​This all day tour will expose you to the world of Ice Climbing on Exit Glacier, where you will also spend a large amount of time on the glacier simply exploring and finding amazing features around every corner and crevasse. A 50 minute hike through a de-glaciated landscape brings you to the edge of the glacier. Donning your crampons, you will first be taught the basics of climbing, crampon usage and safety on a nearby gentle slope.
Climber on side of glacier.
Small client to guide ratios of 3:1 are provided, which are led by experienced instructors who use carefully maintained equipment to lead you out onto the ice. Then it’s on to the crevasse fields where you will ascend bigger walls and explore some of the more remarkable physical features of the glacier.

While this tour does not require climbing experience, the physical ability to be outside hiking, climbing and pushing your athletic abilities is required. They hike a total of about 4.5 miles over a 1500 feet of elevation. The payoff is a secluded mountain experience and vistas that will be with you forever.

Duration: All day – 8 AM to 5 PM
Minimum Age: 15
Difficulty: Moderate to Hard
Departure Time: 8 AM
Trip Price: $185 Per Person (plus tax)
Helicopter Ice Climbing
Guide and guest climb into Alaskan glacier.
Take ice climbing to a new level with helicopter to access to your climbing area. Experience the echos of fathomless moulins. Climb beside waterfalls plunging into the unknown void. Or climb at a moderate level in a completely remote and breathtaking environment customized solely for you.

After take-off, you fly over Resurrection Bay and head over dramatic mountain canyons before landing on a moraine near the alpine glacier. Depending on the ability levels of individual clients, we are able to choose from a wide variety of climbs. We can either stick to the moderate walls on the glacier’s surface, or we can head out in search of breathtaking — and very deep – moulins to drop into.

Deep in glacier.

Duration: This trip requires a commitment of about 5 hours with 4 hours being spent on the glacier.
Minimum Age: 15
Difficulty: Customized – Depends on client’s ability levels
Departure Time: Customizable
Trip Price: $400 per person (plus tax)
Helicopter Glacier Exploration
Explorer with spectacular glacial view.
An extended, helicopter assisted stay in a secluded alpine environment for a truly unique glacial exploration tour. For those wanting to not only see and walk on a glacier, but to truly explore one as well. After a spectacular flight through an alpine canyon, the helicopter lands just a short hike to the ice. Your guide will lead you deep into the glacier’s crevasse fields, where you can be up close and personal to the awesome power and beauty of this massive glacier. Higher within the faster moving sections of the glacier creating the very landscape around us, you can almost feel the ancient flow of glacier ice make its way down the valley. Following your hike, the helicopter propels you through a riveting canyon run – down the mountain and over Resurrection Bay. This tour provides the hardy hiker with 3 hours of exploration – plenty of time to become intimately acquainted with an entirely new world.

Duration: About 4 hours total – departure and return times somewhat customized depending on the helicopter schedule
Minimum Age: 10
Difficulty: Moderate
Departure Time: Trip times are customizable
Trip Price: $375 per person (plus tax).
Additional flight-seeing time can be added for a cost.
Exit Glacier Guides in Seward, Alaska.
They Provide – All the necessary equipment/instruction including crampons, helmets, ice axes, back-pack, water and a light snack

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