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Date: December 2, 2011

Experience the massive glacial ice and flamboyant mountains of the majestic fjords, the roar of eternally cascading glacial waterfalls, black bears frolicking amongst the wildflowers along rugged coastline and nearby hillsides, harbor seals curiously peering at you through floating chunks of ice, soaring bald eagles, billowing orcas â€“ all from the seat of a kayak!  Offering quality sea kayaking eco-trips in the area since 2002 – Wendy and David, husband and wife team, love to share the beauty and magnificence of these phenomenal areas of pristine beauty.  And you don’t need any experience to join their trips – just an adventurous spirit and a desire to learn and explore the great Alaskan wilderness! 

Kayaking in river.

Their intimate and welcoming shop is quite concerned with safety and runs conservative trips.  They maintain a small group size to maximize safety, education and your experience (6-8 people max).  All of their trips use the more stable double kayaks (or triples for young children) and guides cover all the basics before you leave the beach. Plus, having two people in the boat is great if the wind picks up or someone gets tired!  They’re also faster boats, so you see more of the coastline during your trip.  Complimentary transportation to and from the kayak launch site is provided.  Ask them about their Family Trips – all participants must be 6 years or older with at least one adult in every boat. These trips require synthetic layers of clothing – as cotton and jeans become extremely cold when wet.  You will also receive a dry bag so you can bring a camera and some extra warm layers of clothing along with you.  Pogies and rubber boots are available and they rent rain gear within their shop, since this is coastal rainforest! 

Kayaking group pose for camera before Alaska glacier.

Guide training lasts over a month each spring and focuses on kayaking and rescue skills, wilderness medicine, natural history, weather, native cultures, climate change and Leave-No-Trace.  These capable, exuberant, engaging, intelligent individuals are bursting with local knowledge and experience and can’t wait to share this paradise with you! Kayaking being their sole focus, these folks put some serious energy into running high quality trips.  Join Wendy, Dave and the fabulous team at KAW in their passion for sharing this astonishing region with you – while helping to keep it thriving for generations to come!

Half-Day Alaska Sea Kayaking Trips

Half-day kayaking trips leaving shore.

The Half-Day Trips are for those of you who don’t have a lot of time, but still want to get out on the water to see some wildlife while exploring this gorgeous coastline.  They offer 3 different Half-Day Trips in Resurrection Bay.  You will meet at their office in downtown Seward, after which they will drive you to the beach at Lowell Point to launch.  You will paddle along the eastern coastline of the bay, while learning of the area’s history, wildlife, flora, the intertidal zone as you go. Your destination will vary depending on the day’s conditions and group speed, but you’ll either end up at Tonsina Point or a small beach just past there. At Tonsina Point, you will walk the coastal rainforest and explore the magnificent ghost forest left at Tonsina Point by the 1964 earthquake.  You may see the salmon running in the clear, shallow waters of Tonsina Creek.  A short 5 minute walk to a beautiful 90 foot-ish waterfall awaits you at the next small beach.  A light snack, hot drinks and juice are included on these Half-Day Trips.

TRIP TIMES:  8 AM – 12 Noon, 11:30 AM – 4 PM and 6 PM – 10 PM
(The evening trips change from 5 PM to 9 PM beginning August 15th due to the decrease in daylight.)
TRIP PRICING:  $70 / person, plus tax and gratuity

Full Day Trips

In contrast to the Half-Day Trips, the Full-Day Trips allow you to explore more of the coastline, offer a greater opportunity for wildlife viewing and to travel further into Alaska’s great wilderness.  All Full-Day Trips include lunch, snacks, hot drinks and juice. 
Three kayakers approach glacier.


Aialik Bay Day Kayak Trip (Pronounced “eye-AL-ik”)

A true taste of the pristine Alaskan fjords!  During 2+ hours by water taxi out to Aialik Bay, you will encounter whales, sea lions, mountain goats, sea otters and other wildlife.  Enjoy an intimate experience with your captain and guide hearing of the wildlife, the area and great tales of Alaska.  Once in the fjords, you’ll spend the day paddling to Aialik Glacier – a very actively calving tidewater glacier with massive chunks of ice plummeting into the sea below!  Lunch and hot drinks are served at a small beach near the glacier before either heading back out on the water, or a short hike if time allows.  An easy walk over rocky terrain brings you to the top of a hill that provides a stupendous panoramic view across the face of Aialik Glacier…an incredible photo opp for calving!  You are retrieved via water taxi around 3:30 PM – 4 PM, ensuring another 2+ hours of wildlife viewing upon your return.  Be sure to eat a hearty breakfast in the morning before you arrive for the trip!

DURATION:  7:15 AM – 6 PM
PRICE: $399 / person, plus tax and gratuity



Full-Day Kayaking & Sailing Trip

This multi-sport, Full-Day Trip in Resurrection Bay is a unique option.  You begin your day on the water paddling between Lowell Point and Caines Head, while exploring the coastline as you go.  Tales of the area’s history titillate as you wander through the coastal rainforest and enjoy the wonders of the ghost forest.  During certain months, you can watch the salmon run in the crystal clear waters of Tonsina Creek.  Land at a small beach where a 5-minute walk past a rambling stream reveals a 90 foot waterfall cascading down the rocky cliff.


Head to North Beach on Caines Head, where some great hiking options await. Depending on timing and your interests, there are a handful of areas you can explore by foot.  Choose from an abandoned military fort or various hikes with varying elevations, views and scenery. Following a delicious lunch, hop on board the sailing vessel “Lyric” and spend the final hour of your trip relaxing to the rhythmic sway and refreshing swish of the sea as it passes beneath her hull.  Captain and owner, Devin Putney, has been running boats and tours in the Seward area for the last seven years and holds a 100 Ton Masters License with Sail Endorsement.  Now that’s the way to end a good day of exploration!

TRIP PRICING:  $230 / person, plus tax and gratuity

Kayakers Cove Full-Day Trip

Kayakers Cove.

For a bit less money and time – this Day Trip is a terrific option.  The water taxi transports you across the bay to a little cove on the eastern shoreline, near the Fox Island Spit.  Here you load up the kayaks and head out for a day of exploration!  Depending on tides and weather, you may either head north into Humpy Cove or across to Fox Island.  Either way, the scenery is spectacular and the wildlife tends to be quite good.  Land and do a short walk to a beautiful waterfall in Humpy Cove or check out the tide pools and ghost forest on the Fox Island Spit.  Marvel at the mountains jutting straight out of the ocean and learn about the pillow basalt as you paddle just beside it.

PRICE:  $199 / person, plus tax and gratuity

Resurrection Bay Full-Day Kayak Trip


An economical Full-Day Trip!  With the whole day on the water, you explore the coastline as you paddle between Lowell Point and Caines Head.  You’ll learn all about the history of the area while wandering through coastal rainforest and the ghost forest of Tonsina Point.  During certain months, watch the salmon jump and spawn from the birds-eye view on the bridge over the crystal clear waters of Tonsina Creek.  Land at a small beach where a 5-minute walk past a rambling stream reveals a 90 foot waterfall cascading down the rocky cliff.  Head to North Beach on Caines Head, where (if time allows) a great hike brings you to Fort McGilvray and unveils Seward’s intriguing past, as well as stunning views of Resurrection Bay and the islands.  This full day on the water offers a good chance of some fantastic wildlife encounters.  

DURATION:  8 AM – 4 PM, 8 Hours
PRICE:  $130 / person, plus tax and gratuity
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