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Alaska Canoe Trips – Weigner’s Backcountry Guiding

Date: June 1, 2011

As a designated wilderness area, the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge offers its visitors an experience of Alaska much as it existed a hundred years ago – and one which is easily accessible to all! Mark Weigner, of Weigner’s Backcountry Guiding (http://www.alaska.net/~weigner/), has been guiding fascinated canoe passengers throughout the refuge for the past 16 years. Mark’s passion for canoeing the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge stems from its solitude and the considerable variety of wildlife sightings it offers (bears, beaver, moose, lynx, wolves, river otters and a variety of birds including bald eagles, trumpeter swans, loons, terns). A year-round Sterling resident, Mark is ever informed of the wildlifes’ seasonal variations in location and activity levels.
Guided Alaska canoe trips are customized per group according to their specific interests (i.e. fishing, visiting land portages, wildlife and/or vegetation viewing), as well as their activity levels. Leisurely paddle lakes on the fringe of wilderness or journey closer to the heart of the canoe system backcountry. Half Day Trips are 4 hours and may consist of a journey through Watson Lake, Imeri Lake and Afonasi Lake. Full Day Tripsare typically 8 to 9 hours (including travel time), from 8 AM to 4:30 PM, include a picnic lunch and require a reservation 24 hours in advance. Lake systems visited may include either the Swan Lake Canoe Trail East or West Entrances, or the Swanson River Canoe Trail at Paddle Lake.

Your trip starts at the home base in Sterling, where there is ample parking. After a brief safety and orientation session, your things are loaded into their van and you’re off on your Alaskan wilderness adventure.

• Canoes and paddles 
• Padded canoe chairs 
• Personal flotation devices 
• Dry bags 
• Food while in the canoe system

• Warm sweater or jacket 
• Sunglasses, binoculars, hat 
• Insect repellent 
• Water proof hiking boots 
• Sunscreen

So if you, or members of your group, are planning to take a little break from fishing and long for a true wilderness experience – a Half Day or Full Day canoeing trip is an excursion that is certain to awe, inspire, entertain and create memories for a lifetime!

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(907) 262-7840