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Alaska Fly Fishing … Fishing on the Fly

Date: January 2, 2012

Would you like to go Alaska fly fishing? Then I have good news for you. Alaska’s Denise Lake Lodge is home to some of the best cold-water fish in the world. And combined with the splendor of Alaska’s pristine beauty, you are certain to enjoy every minute of your experience! If you happen to be an abject neophyte, we offer some insight and a few tips on a couple of crucial items you will require to best optimize the success of your Alaska fly fishing excursion: lures and gear.
Beads for Your Alaska Fly Fishing

Fly fishing beads.

Did you know that beads are extremely effective and oft used lures when fly fishing? Beads increase your catch ratio, as they imitate the spectrum of colors displayed by the ripening eggs that fly fish just love to eat. Beads come in a variety of sizes and colors to enhance your ability to best match the different variations presented by your species-of-interest. These variations depend on the particular hatch, which in turn depends on the specific body of water in question.
Flies You Will Need to Go Alaska Fly Fishing

Flies for fly fishing.

Artificial “flies” are also used as fly fishing lures and are designed to mimic the look of the indigenous insects that fly just above the water’s surface. There is actually a mind-boggling array of different types of flies from which to choose, including Trout, Char, and Grayling flies, Dolly Llama flies, Steelhead Flies, King Salmon Flies, Silver Salmon Flies, Poppers and Wogs, Sockeye Salmon Flies….see what I mean…….
Tye One on for Alaska Fly Fishing!
There is a vast array of different tye kits available to purchase for your Alaska fly fishing trip. Fly Tying Starter Kits make beginning fly tying simple and fun to learn. These basic kits contain all of the tools (vises, hooks, organizer case) and flies you will need for your creative endeavor and offer an easy way to get started in fly tying. Deluxe Fly Tying Kits are for the fly fishing aficionado, are more expensive and include a greater assortment of flies for today’s fly patterns. These kits are a fabulous value when compared with the cost of purchasing kit items separately.
Great Fishing Rods for Alaska Fly Fishing
Fly fisherman reels in jumping trout.
“Fly fishing tackle” comprises the equipment typically used by fly anglers. Fly fishing tackle includes a wide variety of fly rods of different lengths, weights and material designed for the highest quality and durability and is used to present the aforementioned artificial flies. And did you know that you can also purchase fly rod building kits? A variety of fly reels are used to store fly line and provide braking, while specialized fly lines cast the flies. Final selections for your Alaska fly fishing experience will ultimately depend on local conditions, types of flies being cast (salmon, steelhead, rainbow trout), in conjunction with personal preference.
Where to Go Alaska Fly Fishing
Fly fisherman presents his recent catch in Alaska.
Although an enjoyable leisure pursuit, fly tying and gear procurement will take some time and effort on your part. So if this brief tutorial has left you feeling a tad overwhelmed – rest assured – Alaska Denise Lake Lodge’s professional guides will furnish your Alaska fly fishing adventure with all of the necessary training, tackle and, finally yes – the flies.