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Angler Etiquette – Alaska River Fishing Trips

Date: June 20, 2011

Bank Anglers

  • Use developed trailsstairs into the river or boardwalks designed for fishing.
  • Respect posted bank fishing closure areas and do not fish or trespass in these areas.
  • Move away from the water’s edge when walking up or downstream.
  • Stand in the water while fishing and use hip or chest waders to avoid standing on the bank.
  • Avoid steep banks, trampling or damaging vegetation, as well as water-saturated soils when bank fishing.
  • Help educate others about ways to protect fish habitat.

Boat Anglers

  • Always launch and retrieve boats at a developed launch site.
  • Select either an exposed or protected site when beaching your boat to avoid crushing bank vegetation.
  • Minimize damage from boat wakes whenever possible by lowering speed, transporting fewer passengers and traveling in mid-channel.

Angler Courtesies

  • Respect other anglers.  Avoid crowding out other anglers who may have arrived before you did, if necessary wait for your turn to fish.
  • Boaters fishing in crowded conditions should follow the established pattern of other boaters already fishing:  if they are all drifting, you should drift too, if they are back trolling, don’t try to drift in that area, etc.  Never attempt to anchor your boat in a traffic channel or primary fishing channel.
  • Know the status of the lands you plan to fish.  If private property, only fish there if you have the owner’s permission to use the property
  • Use latrines or other rest rooms whenever provided.  Never trespass on private property for rest room breaks!
  • Be patient with others on crowded days.  Remember that everyone is out on the river to have a good time.  Some of the more important regulations that apply to activities within the KRSMA include a 35 horsepower restriction on all power boats(except Kenai and Skilak Lake), motorized restrictions in the Cooper Landing area, no more than 5 persons per powered boat, and all commercial operators, such as guides, must be permitted by the State Parks prior to operations.  For further information on regulations and activities within the KRSMA, please call Alaska State Parks at 262-5581.