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Be Bear Aware – Alaska Bear Viewing

Date: May 8, 2012

Are you bear aware?

What You Do Really Matters!!!

Garbage: Use bear-resistant trash containers, keep your garbage inside until trash pick-up, or dispose of waste immediately at a transfer station. Remember, if a bear gets into your trash you can be fined!
Fish Carcasses and Gear: If you clean your fish at home, keep all fish waste in a freezer out of the reach of bears until garbage pick-up. Or take your fish waste immediately to a landfill. Store fishy nets, tackle and line indoors, in a garage or shed – or otherwise out of the reach of bears.
Freezers: Keep freezers locked in a secure building or otherwise out of the reach of bears.
Bird Seed: Don’t feed birds during active bear season (April 1 to November 1). Clean up spilled bird seed.
Livestock and Pets: Install electric fences to keep bears out of animal pens, corrals, chicken coops, rabbit hutches, beehives and orchards. Store pet and livestock food out of the reach of bears.
Anglers: (1) Keep food, garbage, backpacks, coolers and anything with an odor within 3 feet at all times. Retained fish should be kept closely attended. (2) Stay alert. Make noise to prevent surprising a bear. (3) Always be willing to give up your fishing spot to a bear. (4) If you have a fish on the line and a bear approaches, give the fish slack or cut your line. (5) As a last resort, throw retained fish into moving currents. Don’t let your catch end up in a bear’s mouth!

Generously contributed with permission by the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge
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