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Hiking – While Fishing in Kenai

Date: June 18, 2011

Here we list items and strategies to best prepare you for hiking while fishing in Kenai!

What to Bring

Water:  carry 2 quarts.  Giardia occurs on the refuge so purify all water.
Food:  take high calorie foods.  Avoid strong smelling foods that could attract bears.
Clothing:  wear sturdy footwear with comfortable socks.  Bring hat, gloves and rain gear.
Skin Protection:  bring insect repellent, head net, sun glasses and sunscreen.
Orientation Equipment:  know how to use a map and compass.  Know your route and location.
Emergency Gear:  a first aid kit, waterproof fire starter, whistle, knife and signals.  Carry a thermal blanket and a cell phone.
Toilet Paper & Garbage:  Pack out all your toilet paper and litter in sealed plastic bags.DON’T BRING: Scented, spiced or smoked foods with you as they attract bears.


PLAN AHEAD:  Always let someone know where you are going and when you expect to return.  Have a backup plan and a flexible schedule.

TAKE A FRIEND:  Traveling alone increases your risk dramatically.  Traveling in groups is recommended.

DRESS PROPERLY:  Leave your cotton at home; synthetic pile or wool are best.  Rain gear is a necessity.  Bring a hat and gloves – even in the summer.

CHANGING WEATHER:  Always take rain gear and warm clothing no matter how nice it looks when you start.  Remember weather changes rapidly.  Heavy rain or snow and strong winds can occur at any time.

WATCH OUT:  Alaska waters are cold even in the summer and avalanches can occur any time of the year.  Be aware of your surroundings and know how to evaluate conditions.




Generously contributed with permission by the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge: 
P.O. Box 2139
Ski Hill Road
Soldotna, AK 99669