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Just Say No! To The Halibut Catch Share Plan

Date: August 16, 2013

Go to www.regulations.gov

Select “Pacific Halibut Fisheries: Catch Sharing Plan for Guided Sport and Commercial Fisheries in Alaska” and leave your comments about why this is wrong.

Here are the details . . .
Halibut Catch Share Plan – Comment Deadline is Aug 26, 2013
What It Does:

THIS IS NOT A CONSERVATION ISSUE! The “Catch and Share Plan” takes a half million pounds away from guided sports fisherman and gives them to the commercial fleet. Then lowers the limit for sports fisherman to 1 fish. Then the commercial fisherman offers to lease those fish back to the charter anglers. There are absolutely NO FISH SAVED!!

How To Help:

Please go to the above links and share a few words as to why you oppose this new rule.It takes the halibut traditionally caught by the average Joe American over to commercial fisherman (who already get 80% of the allowable halibut). It then leaves the sport fisherman on a 1 fish limit. It will put hundreds of small businesses OUT OF BUSINESS!!

For more information or any questions please contact Alaska Charter Association – (907) 299-0695