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Loon on Denise Lake – A Poem Inspired By Alaska Denise Lake Lodge

Date: May 11, 2014

Lyndon – my husband – and I stayed at Denise Lake Lodge last year in early June when we were over from Europe (we live in France) and have very fond memories of our stay, even if we were only able to stay for a few nights. We’re not fishing people, we are writers who love nature and native lore; we so enjoyed your place, your welcome, talking with you and hearing about your experiences up on the North Slope, and soaking up the atmosphere.

Being a poet I have been slowly getting together a collection of poems inspired by our trip to Alaska. The opening poem of my collection is one written about Denise Lake and inspired by our lovely – if not too short – stay with you. We only wish we had more time and money to come over again. You were so welcoming and we felt very much at home.

Here’s the poem – just a reflective one – which I’d like to dedicate to you and we hope it finds you both well.

Angela and Lyndon Howard-Thompson

It’s the call over still water
echoing round the bay of my mind
some yearning undefined.

A loon owns this lake
at dusk and at dawn reminding me
of things unresolved.

I row out to see her
smooth grey feathers impervious to rain.

Queen of the underworld she dives
muted, elusive.
For how long will she haunt me
unseen, unexplained?

She resurfaces, the water rolls off her
like a world one forgets
but I cannot.

She swims head high
but what does she keep fettered
under those black and white prison-bar wings?