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Sockeye Salmon Fishing on the Kenai River – Ten Sockeye Fishing Tips!

Date: July 24, 2012

Alaska Sockeye Salmon are being caught by the thousands on the Kenai!!! The daily limit was recently raised from 3 to 6 fish per day and even novice fishermen are doing well; the experienced fishermen arelimiting out quickly. While it might last into early August, who really knows? Make your plans ASAP to get in on the action on 2012!

To help you out – here are some Alaska Sockeye Salmon Fishing Tips that have helped me over the last week:
1. Use a medium-heavy 8 to 9 foot bait casting or spinning rod. Use at least a medium quality reel, with a smooth drag system.
2. Use “high quality” hooks made by Owner or Gamakatsu. A size 2/0 to 4/0 hook is recommended.
3. I also recommend a 30 lb test line, with low memory qualities. Check it for frayed areas and repair as needed, in order to eliminate any damaged line.
4. Use weight of .5 to 1 oz. so that you routinely feel bottom. Crimp on sinkers or surgical tubing weight systems work well.
5. Affix your weight between 5 and 7 feet above your hook under most wading conditions.
6. Use a very small amount of yarn attached to the loop of pre-tied leaders. Yarn can be embedded into a nail knot if you tie your own leaders.
7. You should “flip” your terminal tackle slightly upstream with a circular motion. Your rod tip should follow the rig downstream. The last motion is a sweeping one to set the hook on any unsuspecting Sockeye.
8. If you foul hook a fish, point your rod tip at the fish to allow all of the strain to be only on the line. At times, this will allow your hook to tear their skin which releases them.
9. Keep your drag tightened more than a medium amount and make needed changes as you fight the fish.
10. Watch others around you to learn improved techniques. Ask for advice from those doing well and most of the time they will provide great advice.

Tight Lines on the Kenai River!