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Wildlife Viewing in Kenai

Date: July 5, 2015

There are 4 small caribou herds on the Kenai Peninsula – Kenai Lowland, Fox River, Kenai Mountains and the Kelley River.

The Kenai Lowland caribou herd typically summers north of the City of Kenai airport (can be viewed from Marathon Road) to Swanson River, on the Kenai River flats, and western portion of the Peninsula south of the Sterling Highway to Kasilof. The herd winters on the lower Moose River to the outlet of Skilak Lake and the area around Brown’s Lake. This is a small herd of 130 animals and there is no hunting allowed on this population.

The Kenai Mountain caribou herd (250-300 animals) lives in the drainage of the Chickaloon River, Big Indian Creek and Resurrection Creek. The Killey River caribou herd (250-300 animals) inhabits the upper portion of the Funny and Killey rivers. The Fox River caribou herd (45-50 animals) occupies the area between Fox River and Truuli Creek.

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