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Wood Bison Reintroduction – Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center

Date: December 19, 2015

The United States has a population of wild wood bison for the first time in more than 100 years.

On Friday, April 3, 100 wood bison which had been kept in temporary pens near Shageluk, Alaska, for just over a week were led across the Innoko River to freedom.

The Wood bison is the northern cousin of the Plains bison that roams many states down-below. It is bigger than the Plains bison and a large, mature bull will often weigh 2,250 pounds versus the 1,900 pounds of the smaller Plains. A mature cow will weigh about 1,000 pounds. Calves are born in May to July and are a reddish color for a few weeks. They begin to grow horns and develop a bison’s “hump” at about two months.After more than 100 years of extirpation throughout Alaska, wood bison have found their way back to the state! In collaboration with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, AWCC was able to reintroduce the wood bison back into the Alaska wild. In 2003, 13 wood bison were brought to AWCC from a disease-free herd in the Yukon Territory in Canada. The goal is to release the AWCC herd back into the Alaska wild. Currently, AWCC is home to the only wood bison herd in the United States. The first wood bison calves born in the state of Alaska in over 100 years were born at AWCC in 2005. In 2008, AWCC received 53 calves from Canada and placed them with the existing AWCC herd. Since 2006, AWCC has seen the birth of multiple calves every spring. Look for small orange “lumps” in the exhibit near the bushes!

​AWCC takes in injured and orphaned animals year-round and provides spacious enclosures and quality animal care. Animals that cannot be released into the wild are given a permanent home at the center.


Note: The AWCC is located on the way to and from Denise Lake Lodge via Anchorage. The site is comparatively small and can be visited in it’s entirety from your vehicle in less than 2 hours. Be sure to bring your video cam!!! See our AWCC Blog!

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